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Tanner Speed Academy

Speed is the most important driver of success in modern sports. Win or lose. A fraction of a second can determine personal records and championships. Therefore speed is our focus – in all areas of modern training.

By using accurate evaluation and analysis with high-tech equipment such as TMG muscle diagnostic, high speed video assisted running style analysis and speed tests we optimize the training at each stage and in each age group.

We use these accurate test results, detailed analyses and specific exercises to make you reach your goals. Pushing everybody to their limits. Bringing out the best of each athlete. With motivation through feedback, high scores and lively athletic training.

This is what we do:

• Measurement and improvement of
Jumping ability
Change of direction ability
Reaction time

• Injury prevention through diagnostic and practice
• Short and long term training program

Our training is for elite, rehab and fun/fitness. Individual players of all age groups and teams of all sports are working with us.

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Telefon: 0706-202528